Traveling during the holidays – often a mess.

Growing up, I had a large extended family that lived across the country. Consequently, that left me traveling multiple times throughout the years, dealing with long lines, rude people, and many delayed flights. I used to let myself get bothered by all the complications, but as time has progressed, I’m really not bothered at all.


Step one in preparing is to do your due diligence when it comes to packing your bags. Do your really need an extra bag other than your carry-on? Because if you do, you’re going to have to spend extra time getting your bag checked by your airline – and it’s possible your going to have to wait extra time to collect from the baggage claim area (if they haven’t lost it.) I’ve had my baggage lost twice around the holidays. The first time I got it back by delivery about 4 days after my flight; the second time, I got it back the next day.


Also, don’t forget about the process of going through security! Make sure you have your bag of liquids and your electronic devices in an easily accessible part of your bag, or you’re going to be THAT person who is holding up the line. You can find a good variety of travel sized containers for liquids at places like Target and Walmart, or you can check out what’s available on amazon. They have  toiletry kits already put together for men and women.


So you get through the airport, make it through security, but now you have time to kill before your flight leaves. You could always whip out a tablet and start reading a book on Kindle (I’m currently reading The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell). There’s also always the option to pass time with phone apps. I’d jump between using the different candy crush saga apps (the originalthe soda saga and the jelly saga) whenever I’d run out of lives on one of them. Recently, I started using another app called Chattle that allows you to track your mileage, gives you alerts on the status of your flight, lets you converse with other people in the airport, and even has mini games. It has certainly made time go by faster.


Aside from electronic ways to stay busy, there is always the option to go exploring. When taking a lap around the airport you can find quiet restaurants, coffee shops, ongoing shuttle rides, and of course, shops. There’s really a lot to do when you keep an open mind and let your curiosity live.