Since bringing home a kitten, I’ve found myself buying so many different things for her – some of the things are necessary, while a lot of them are because I just can’t help myself. Here’s some of the best items I’ve found so far:

  • Cat Washroom Bench – This bench has been a lifesaver when it comes to having to clean up litter on the floor. Misha got into a bad habit kicking her litter out of her box, and now 99% of her litter stays inside of this bench rather than getting all over the floor. It helps that I also have a litter trap mat on the inside of the bench as well.
  • Toy Storage Bin – Misha has a tendency to lose her toys under our living room furniture, and keeping the toys in this bin helps with that issue. This way, when she loses one, she can go grab another one out of the bin; when she runs out, we go on a scavenger hunt around the house and put them back in. Some of her favorite toys are catnip filled carrot, catnip filled banana, kitty cuddle pal (a small cat stuffed animal with a bag of beads inside that you can take out and put in the microwave to heat them up), catnip mice, cat dancer, and balls with bells.
  • Stationary toys – if you get these, you don’t have to worry about toys disappearing under your furniture! Misha enjoys the turbo scratcher toy and the cat tower.
  • Food – Misha likes having a mixture of both wet and dry food, but she doesn’t actually like it mixed together. She eats a can of wet food once a day and snacks on dry food throughout the day. I’ve yet to find a brand of treats she really likes yet, so if anyone has suggestions, please leave a comment!
  • Extras – A couple of other things Misha enjoys is her cat tunnel and her indoor/outdoor tent. Her tunnel gives her a place to feel hidden, while the tent is great for letting her get some fresh air. We also use the tent when we use our workout room. Our workout room has things Misha could hurt herself on, so when we use it we don’t let her in the room – which results with her constantly crying outside the door. With the tent, we can take her in the room with us and she doesn’t feel left out.

I hope you’ve found some of the info in this article helpful, and hopefully, you’ll find some items your cat may enjoy!