I am lucky to have jobs that allow me to work from home, but as I’ve become more and more busy I’ve realized that I really need an actually office, rather than just laying in bed as I do all my work. There was an extra spare bedroom in the house where I live, so I figured I’d turn the room into an office to get more use out of it.

First things first, I needed a desk. I settled on a 59″ x 59″ L-shaped desk. This gave me plenty of space to put my things (binders, phone charger, desk shelves, etc.); however, this desk didn’t come with any shelving or drawers underneath it, so I ended up getting a 55″ desk with shelves which gave me more space to put stuff on, as well as turned my L-shape into a U-shape. Once got the desks together, I needed a chair that would allow me to adjust how far back I’d be able to learn, as well as have a foot rest. My bf was nice enough to get me a pink Nokaxus gaming chair.

Once I had the desk and chair situation figured out, I needed to get somethings to decorate the walls (especially since I’ve been debating starting a Youtube channel). I got some criss-cross floating shelves and hanging wall decor – which I got some succulents for. As for what’s on the shelves: some dice, a couple orgone pyramids, a crab figurine, a fox figurine, a ceramic balloon dog, more succulents, and some books (currently: Becoming, Quantum Mechanics, The Upstarts, The Hungry Ear, blink, The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need, Psychic Intelligence, The Heart of Buddha’s Teaching, Oxymoronica, and The Golden Tarot (tarot cards)).

Last but not least, I got a medium sized scratching post for my cat to lay in since she’s very upset that I won’t let her jump on top of my desk.

All together, so far so good! I’m enjoying my new office set up and am happy with my decorations.