As of lately, more and more apps for healthcare have been coming out. Some of the most popular ones include Doctor on Demand, BlueHive, and ZocDoc. These apps are allowing people easier access to see clinics, doctors, and the reviews that other people leave.

Now that these apps are arising, it seems like it will be no time before doctors step up their game due to the reviewing system. Who would want to see a 1 star doc vs a 5 star? Not me.

Another thing that some of these apps have started doing is allowing people to have doctor visits via videochat. Off the bat, it seems like there could be some concern for HIPAA law violation, but other than that, the idea is very interesting. While being sick, it would be great not to have to go to the doctors office and sit in a room full of a bunch of other sick people.

Just like how Airbnb has taken over the hotel industry and how Uber has taken over the taxi industry – these apps are coming for the Healthcare industry.