One of my favorite kinds of paintings: acrylic pours. You get to create something cool while not having to pay attention to tedious details. All you need is some canvases,cups, distilled water and floetrol. You may also want stirring sticks and gloves, depending on how messy you’re willing to get.

All you have to do it put each color of paint you want in individual cups, then add the same amount of distilled water, then twice as much floetrol. So, one part paint, one part water & two parts floetrol. Mix up the paint and you’re good to go. Now you can either pour your paint all over your canvas willy nilly, or you can pour a bunch of your mixtures into one single cup, and then pour the mixture onto your canvas – that’s how this first painting was made.

In order to get this next painting, I did another dirty pour while continuously moving my hand in circles as the paint dripped out.

And lastly, here’s a painting that was done by taking different colors of paint and individually adding them onto the canvas one by one.